About Us

For nearly a century the Harvey's have been farming the fertile land in Maugerville providing employment to most anyone willing to work.

Today the Big Potato is owned and operated by
Buzz (Gordon) and Lynn Harvey.

The Big Potato, at it's seasons peak, employs up to 50 people who pick vegetables on the 200 acre farm.

Our Field Fresh Produce provides that 

experience with their
vibrant colors and cool aroma's - anticipating that healthy garden fresh salad.

The experience at Harvey's Big Potato has gone beyond the big spud and the stand - we have had:
Kindergarten Tours
Corn Boils
Corn Mazes
Tomato Fights
Potato Tosses
All of which has brought a smile and an added memory to
spectator and participant alike.

All vegetables at Harvey's start off as seeds. Each year some vegetables are started in the office, they then graduate to the greenhouses followed by the fields - while other vegetables start and end their journey in the field.

90% of the vegetables and fruit sold at The Big Potato are Harvey's own Field Fresh Produce. When possible the other 10% of fruit and vegetables are purchased from other local farms.

Harvey's Big Potato has rigid quality standards to ensure that Field Fresh Produce is safe to consume.

Harvey's Big Potato regularly donates to local food banks.

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